The exchange rate was influenced by a surplus of hryvnia on the market – Melons

На курс валют повлиял излишек гривны на рынке – Арбузов

The dollar will continue to grow, I’m sure Watermelons

The former head of the national Bank told me what was happening with the hryvnia.

The currency market once again reacted to the appeared in the end of the year excess liquidity of the hryvnia. So in recent days, the rise of the dollar commented on his page in Facebook the former head of NBU, former first Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Arbuzov.

“On December 22, the NBU has provided nationalized PrivatBank refinancing loan of 10 billion hryvnia. This is the official information. According to unofficial, the amount received by the Bank in recent days, at least twice,” said the former official.

According to Arbuzov, tens of billions of “extra” money that came to the market and boosted the dollar.

“This was the reason that the NBU for two days sold nearly $ 150 million, and the rate is increasing. And will grow further, until the authorities understand that it is impossible to ignore the laws of Economics,” stated Arbuzov.

Earlier, the NBU said that the devaluation pressure on the hryvnia exchange rate this week is due to the transition of PrivatBank in state property.

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