The exchangers will allow to change exchange rates during the day

Обменникам разрешат менять курсы валют в течение дня

Exchange rates will change during the day

The Bank negotiates changes with the economy and fiscal service.

The exchange bureaus will be allowed to change courses during the day. The relevant legislative changes provided in the national Bank, according to a Facebook finregulyatora.

“The regulator has already prepared the initiative, and the document is at the stage of negotiation with the Ministry of Finance and State fiscal service”, – stated in the message.

In addition, the regulator has pledged support for the initiative for the abolition of the 2% Pension Fund levy on foreign exchange transactions.

Earlier, the currency market participants in discussions with the NBU about the problem of the existence of “black market” was of the opinion that legalizing these transactions for the banks will allow, in particular, the removal of restrictions on the volume of currency purchases, permission to change course during the day and the abolition of pension collection.

As reported Корреспондент.neton 6 may, the NBU has revoked three restrictions on the foreign exchange market.

The national Bank eased restrictions for importers