The expert described the reason of the price of gas at the pump

Эксперт назвал причину подорожания газа на заправках

Ukraine has increased the cost of petrol

Liquefied natural gas becomes more expensive because of its shortage from the suppliers, believe in the Energy Group S. A.

The main cause of the crisis and rising prices of liquefied gas in Ukraine is the lack of resource suppliers and producers. This was stated by the head of the Russian supplier of liquefied natural gas, Proton Energy Group S. A. (Switzerland) Nisan Moses in an interview with EnKorr.

“The main reason – shortage of gas in Ukraine’s traditional sources of gas supply: Russia, Belarus, and Poland. A number of plants have stopped for the seasonal repairs, it has caused the growth of prices in Europe and the black sea region by 10-15%”, – said Moiseev.

Besides, according to him, the crisis has fueled the seasonal increase in consumption, the shortage of rolling stock and storage.

“At peak consumption of 150 thousand tons per month the tank farm only 40 thousand tons In the period of low prices could do a stock and smoothly peak consumption. However, the lack of storage determines the high cost of storage and the danger of stockpiling”, – said the head of the Swiss company.

He believes that the current crisis in the market of LPG flows sharper than last summer. “Consumption for the year rose again, the country needs more gas, but it is not” – summed up the mosaic.

At the same time, he denied the version that a cause of rising prices is the monopolization of the market. “In 2017, the import of liquefied natural gas has produced more than 90 companies, in 2016, was less than importers. Now without any problems imported gas with all land areas, increasing supplies by sea” – said the head of Proton Energy Group, citing data of the Ukrainian customs.

Recall that in recent weeks the price of LPG in large networks in Kiev has grown on average by 5 UAH/l and exceeded the mark of 16.5 UAH/liter.