The expert spoke about the dangers of expired medications

Selling to pharmacy chains and kiosks medications with a small duration, terminination tablets or expired vaccines is a violation of human rights for high quality medicines. This commentary was declared by the doctor of legal Sciences, Professor, head of Department of theory of state and law, Institute of state and law. V. M. Koretsky of NAS of Ukraine Natalia Onishchenko.

“Article 2 of the EU Charter of fundamental rights (2000) suggests a new personal right, the need for which is caused by scientific and technological progress, especially in the field of medicine and biological Sciences. This right includes the awareness and consent regarding the use of medical drugs, procedures, as well as other activities within the framework of medicine and biology. One of the treatments of this consideration is the human right to quality medicines,” – said Onishchenko.

The expert also drew attention to the existence of problems in Ukraine related to the right to health and equal access of everyone to adequate health care. “An adequate level of material security as a component of economic equality is an indicator of the provision of opportunities for each individual in the health sector”, – said Onishchenko.

According to experts, the situation can improve changes to the existing legislation, in particular in terms of control over the sale of substandard medicines.