The experts identified the main reasons for female adultery

Эксперты назвали основные причины женских измен

The causes pushing women to commit adultery

Almost half of the respondents said that betraying their sudden lack of intimacy with partner.

Representatives of the Dating site Ashley Madison-based survey revealed the reasons why some of the wearer‘s go to the infidelity of their partners. It turned out that 25% of the respondents do not feel welcome. This writes

In the survey organised by the Dating site, took part 1047 women the wearer.

Interestingly, 56% of women surveyed said that cheating to their partner boosted their confidence and made them happier.

They also explain that cheat on their partners because of feelings of loneliness (37%) or feel a lack of closeness with a loved one (49%). 25% of them say they do not feel welcome.

Earlier it was reported that scientists have found a way to calculate the potentially unfaithful wife through her fingers.

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