The experts made a plan to colonize the red planet

Эксперты составили план колонизации Красной планеты

Created a plan for the colonization of Mars

According to the plans of Swiss scientists, the first manned mission after return to Earth.

A group of Swiss scientists drew up a plan for the colonization of Mars. According to the plans of specialists, the first manned mission still needs after return to Earth. This writes Discover.

A detailed plan that describes the process of flying to Mars, establishing camps, and creating among which would be suitable for life of people for a long time.

To start planning a mission to colonize scientists will be able once adopt this plan.

However, its realization will take many years. But because this plan is more a statement of strategy.

The first task in building this colony is finding the right place on the planet. It has to be the most suitable for human survival. And above all, it takes into consideration places where there are large reserves of ice.

Taken into account when choosing the points and other useful resources, in particular carbon dioxide, iron, aluminum, sulfur and silicon.

However, these resources for the colonists will not be available immediately. But because initially it is planned to send to Mars robot that will be able to prepare everything before the arrival of people.

Earlier it was reported that scientists came to the conclusion about the impossibility of Mars and create an environment for human habitation.

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