The experts proved the existence on Mars of the ocean

Эксперты доказали существование на Марсе океана

In the new study was compiled by the water map of the red planet.

A group of scientists from Northern Illinois University made a map of Mars, covered with water. According to the calculations of researchers, the Red planet had 10 times more water, than was considered earlier, reports

In the course of work, scientists found the amount of water required for the formation of a network of ancient valleys of Mars. In the calculations they used data obtained by laser scanning of the terrain.

After a thorough analysis of the digital surface of the planet, the experts evaluated the depth of the valleys, and then evaluated the processes of erosion.

In the end, it was found that the total amount of water, which created channels, should exceed the volume of the valleys is approximately four thousand times. And this is possible only if there is on the planet of a major ocean.

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