The experts saw a connection virus WannaCry with North Korea

Эксперты увидели связь вируса WannaCry с Северной Кореей

The virus found a code element that is used by hackers to Lazarus who think revenge of Pyongyang.

Experts on cyber security found technical evidence of a possible connection to North Korea from a global cyber attack using a computer virus WannaCry. “Kaspersky lab” and the American company Symantec reported that one of the codes used in earlier versions of the virus WannaCry included in computer programs written by Lazarus Group.

It’s a hacker group of researchers many companies think the North Korean team of hackers.

At the same time, representatives of both companies say that it is too early to speak about that, did the DPRK in an unprecedented hacker attack. They will continue to study the code and invite other experts to help with its analysis.

Lazarus hackers, presumably working on the orders of Pyongyang, according to the number of companies in the field of cybersecurity, last year stole $ 81 million from the Central Bank of Bangladesh. In 2014 they made hacking film company Sony Pictures.

Note, the victim of a cyber attack WannaCry paid a total of at least 70,000 dollars to purchase.

According to the materials: