The Explorer’s interior. The new mission of NASA to Mars

Исследователь недр. Новая миссия NASA на Марсе

New scientific mission was launched to Mars

The us space Agency sent a new research unit that will study the internal composition of the red planet.

NASA has sent to Mars first mission, which will study the internal composition of the planet.

Lander InSight, which is designed for this purpose, was sent with a rocket Atlas 5 United Launch Alliance on 5 may.

Корреспондент.net versed in the goals of the mission, which the scientific community has waited several years.


New mission to Mars

Rocket Atlas V 401 with NASA’s Mars lander InSight in 14.05 Kyiv time was successfully launched from the spaceport Vandenberg in California.

The launch was broadcast on the official NASA channel on Youtube.

Mars InSight from detaching from the rocket 90 minutes after launch. He has to fly 484 million kilometers to the red planet. It is assumed that on 26 November, the device will land on the upland of Elysium on Mars.

The last time NASA launched a vehicle on Mars in 2011, it was the Curiosity Rover that still works/ the New camera will sit approximately 600 miles from where Curiosity landed.

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“This is the first robotic camera, which will study the internal structure of Mars, its crust, mantle and core,” says the NASA website.

Исследователь недр. Новая миссия NASA на Марсе

One of the devices of the apparatus of InSight

The study of the internal structure of Mars will help scientists answer questions about the formation of other rocky planets in the Solar system – mercury, Venus and Earth.


Unique digger the red planet

Camera InSight (Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport) will study tectonic activity and heat flow under the surface of the planet.

The main tools module, high-sensitivity seismometer, developed by the French centre for space studies and the probe, is able to drill a five-meter hole in the surface of Mars.

Исследователь недр. Новая миссия NASA на Марсе

The devices of the apparatus of InSight / NASA

It is planned that research marzorati will help to reconstruct the history of the formation of the planet and to its three-dimensional model.

Small satellites CubeSats Mars Cube One – Valli and eve – will provide real-time data transmission to Earth during atmospheric entry, descent and landing InSight. The satellites will move in their own orbits.

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The mission of the unit will last about two earth years, scientists hope to record from a few dozen to a hundred “earthquakes” on Mars.

Recently another Martian machine Trace Gas Orbiter reached its operating orbit around the planet and began to transmit to Earth images of its surface.

Исследователь недр. Новая миссия NASA на Марсе

The surface of Mars / ESA

With him in 2016 to Mars went lander Schiaparelli, but he could not do a soft landing and crashed on the surface at high speed due to the fact that the landing thrusters had worked for only a few seconds.

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