The explosion in the Majorcan: the man died from his wounds

Взрыв под Майорском: мужчина скончался от ран

The victim at explosion under the Mallorcan man died

A resident of the village Zhovanka died as a result of injuries received in the explosion on the road.

The press service of the National police in the Donetsk region announced in Facebook that the man injured in the explosion of an unknown device on the road between the village of zaytsevo and Mayors, died of his wounds.

It is noted that traumas 38-the summer inhabitant of the village Zhovanka were incompatible with life.

We will remind, 36-year-old woman and 38-year-old man from Zhovanki Bakhmut district of the Donetsk region detonated an unknown explosive device on the road between Zaitsev and Maori.

Earlier in Lugansk, two explosions occurred. According to the Ukrainian side of the JCCC, as a result of these attacks one person was killed and six wounded.