The explosion of the ammunition depot Ichnya. Online stream

Взрыв склада боеприпасов в Ичне. Онлайн-трансляция

Explosions in Ichnya

In Chernihiv region began a mass evacuation. Explosions of varying intensity and fire near the town of Ichnya continue.

In the town of Ichnya of Chernihiv region, an explosion occurred on the Sixth of the technical Arsenal of the defense Ministry.

From the area of possible defeat organized evacuation of the population. From the area of possible defeat organized evacuation of the population. Корреспондент.net watching events in Ichnya online.

In Ichnia the explosions of ammunition: text online broadcast

12.10 In the network appeared new cars explosions on an Arsenal near the town of Ichnya.

12.05 In Ichnia lit station and Creamery, reports of an accident in Kiev Facebook. Shells and mines are scattered through the neighbouring settlements of 5-10 kilometers from the epicenter.

The newspaper also published “hard video a kilometer from hell”:

11.58 In the General staff of the armed forces has accused a number of Ukrainian TV channels that the military was not given the airwaves to warn about the incident at the ammunition depot under the Ichnya.

11.42 In the area of the explosions of ammunition depots near the town of Ichnya disconnected Elektro – and gas supply. About this UNIAN reported in Chernihiv regional state administration.

Detonation of ammunition resulted in a fire and destruction of buildings and constructions on the territory of Ichnya.

“Liquidated fire two fires in the private sector, as of 10.00, continues to extinguish one source (the dryer)”, – specified in Department.

11.38 In comments RBC-Ukraine in the Secretariat of the head of the Department of health Chernihiv oblast state administration reported that by 8 a.m. 63 people had sought medical help because of the smoke.

11.30 the General staff also said that shortly before the explosions from the Sixth Arsenal in Ichnia removed half of ammunition of large caliber.

“And with sites that were in open terrain, these weapons have been moved to other arsenals in underground shelters. That is, in protected storage type” – said the Agency.

11.25 a Fire in the warehouse began after the four hour recorded explosions on the Arsenal, said the General staff.

“Time confirm the fact of explosion, i.e., detonation in four areas Arsenal, what these explosions were in different parts of the Arsenal, resulting in a fire”, – told in westwe.

According to him, the fire captured ESAT percent of the technical territory of an Arsenal. As of 9.30 the fire covered five stores.

11.15 Ministry of defense denies that on sclae under Ichnya is 88 thousand ammunition, but his number is not called.

11.10 the security Service of Ukraine considers among other the version about possible sabotage. SBU carries out pre-trial investigation in the framework of the open criminal proceedings on the fact of explosions.

Meanwhile, police released photos of the evacuation.

10.55 due to the explosions at the sixth Arsenal APU in Ichnia Ukrzaliznytsia has closed three of haul for the movement of trains.

“Immediately after receiving information about the fire and zatonirovany ammunition in a military part in the Chernihiv region Ukrainian Railways closed the movement of trains on three rail lines: the August – Kolomiytseva, August – and Kolomiitseve Ichnya – Pryluky” – raskazali in a press-service.

It is clarified that through the station August October 9, in accordance with the schedule of trains, envisaged running three pairs of suburban trains. Also at night from the station Grebenka station Pryluky left the fire train.

10.50 Journalists remembered that the inhabitants of the Chernihiv region were afraid of possible explosions armories in Ichnia a year ago after the tragedy in Balakliya and Kalinovka of Vinnytsia region. This then drew the attention of the Vice-speaker of the Parliament Oksana Syroid.

She noted that the residents of Chernihiv region asked her to send a message to the President about the danger of the neighborhood with warehouses with ammunition.

10.40 media reported that the explosion on the sixth Arsenal APU in Ichnia in Chernihiv region burned down a local dairy that produced milk powder and butter.

Well-known factory of condensed milk Ichnya was not injured, but the production on it stopped.

10.30 the General staff said the decrease in the intensity of explosions in a warehouse under the Ichnya.

“As of 9.00 a.m. the intensity of the explosions decreased significantly, there is smoke. Thundering explosions of ammunition for small arms. Civilian residents of the area evacuated in the settlements Erjavec, Parafiivka and Ivangorod”, – stated in the message.

10.20 Recall that on may 3 of this year at the largest ammunition dump of Ukraine near the town of Balakleya occurred poor. Then the planned explosion of the shells out of control, causing an unplanned series of explosions.

At the same time, in March last year, a fire at the warehouse has led to the explosions of shells from the adjacent territories evacuated about 20 thousand people. Killing one woman, several people were injured. Details about the explosions at the ammunition depots.

10.10 In the warehouses near the town of Ichnya of Chernihiv region is about 88 thousand tons of ammunition, said the rescuers.

According to gschs, as of 9.00 in the warehouse is observed the fire and explosions of different intensity.

From the area of possible defeat already evacuated about 12 thousand people to evacuate attracted 23 bus. Information on victims didn’t arrive.

10.00 Military Prosecutor of the Central region opened a criminal case on explosions of ammunition in the Arsenal near the town of Ichnya in the article of the Criminal code “Negligent attitude to military service person to the service if it entailed grave consequences, committed in conditions of special period, in addition to martial law.” Punishment is deprivation of liberty for a term from five to seven years.

At the scene working group of military prosecutors headed by the military Prosecutor of the Central region.

Pre-judicial investigation is entrusted to investigative Department of management of SBU in the Chernihiv region. Procedural management is performed by the military Prosecutor’s office of Chernihiv garrison Central region of Ukraine.

9.55 In the evacuation zone come 20 thousand people in Chernihiv region, said rescuers.

“Currently, the authorities carried out the evacuation of settlements Parafiivka, Ivangorod, Irzhavets of Ichnia district. In the alienation zone currently covers about 20 thousand people, is a 16-kilometer zone,” – said in the message.

9.50 Held a meeting of the Staff of liquidation of consequences headed by Groisman.

9.40 Opened a hotline for complaints of citizens.



9.30 as of 7 a.m. the intensity of the explosions is 2-3 explosion in the second, the defense Ministry reported.

“The localization of emergency on 6-m the Arsenal of the involved staff 1 fire tank GPM-54, 4 fire tank is planned and will soon be delivered and strengthen containment measures. Also, there is 1 vehicle on the basis of KAMAZ and two trucks on the basis of MAZ”, – stated in the message.

The Ministry also reported that the victims, the wounded, the injured and the dead among the military personnel, employees of the Armed forces of Ukraine and the local population no material losses are specified.

Kiev police sent to Ichnya / MVD

9.20 President Petro Poroshenko summoned security officials for a report in connection with the bombings in the Chernihiv region.

“The government has been instructed to render all necessary assistance to the people”, – said the press Secretary of the President Svyatoslav Tsigalko.

9.10 In the network appeared another video of the explosions of the Arsenal in Ichnia.

8.50 the Traffic is prohibited on such roads:

  • R-68 Talalaivka – Ichnia – Trostianets – Sokyryntsi to the highway N-07 (from the City in the direction of Ichnya and Parafievka in the direction of Ichnya);
  • T-25−27 New Bulls – Ichnya from the intersection with road P-67 Chernihiv-Nizhyn-Pryluky-Pyriatyn in the direction of the villages Khaienky, Monastyryshche and Ichnya;
  • T-25−24 Borzna – Ichnya – Pryluky from Plisak in the direction of Ichnya and from the road N-07 to the Ichnya.

Free travel on the roads M-02 Kipti – Hlukhiv – Bachevsk, P-67 Chernihiv – Nizhyn – Pryluky – Pyriatyn, H-07 Kyiv – Sumy – Yunakivka in both directions.

To inform road users have the appropriate warning signs.

8.40 In Ichnya also left the operational group of the General staff of the armed forces, headed by the chief Viktor Muzhenko.

8.25 there is also a headquarters headed by Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman, reports gschs. Evacuated about ten thousand people.

To the scene sent 220 rescue workers and 60 pieces of equipment, including 21 pyrotechnic calculation of a total population of 105 people and 39 units of equipment, reinforced national police from Kiev and the Kiev region in the amount of 150 people and the national guard – 100 people trained armored group to patrol the scene.

In social networks eyewitnesses reported that people on foot leaving the city. According to them, explosions are heard far beyond the village.

8.10 Rescuers issued a video of the explosion near Ichnya.

7.40 the Explosions heard at a distance of about 50 kilometers from the scene. Local television of the city of Pryluky already warned citizens to not panic (the city is located 170 kilometers from Chernigov).

Reporters said that the city misses the kill zone, but it would be better if children do not go to schools and kindergartens but will remain at home, as the building may be needed for evacuees.

7.10 there was a video of the explosions at the Arsenal in Ichnia. On frames road between the district center and village Gusevka. The video was filmed the correspondent of the newspaper Labor glory Andrew Grudnitskii.

6.28 Chernihiv regional state administration reported about the beginning of the evacuation of some settlements Ichnya and Prilutsky areas. According to preliminary data we are talking about ten thousand civilians.

Ichnya district: Ichnia city, town Friendship, village of Avhustivka, Bezvodivka, Buda, hornbeams, Luchkivka, Pelyukhivka, Red, Burimka, bezborod’ko, Shilovichi, Olshana, New Olshana, tarasivka Hmyryanka, Gorodnya, Huzhivka, Zaudaika, Korshaky, Monastyryshche , Veprik, SEZ’ky, Géczy, Dziubivka, Kolomiytseva, Tyshkivka, Khaienky, Voronivka, Kykoly.

Pryluts’kyi district: village Forest village, Strelníky, Obychiv, Zaudaika, rad’kivka, Kolesnikov, Lev’s.



“To ensure that the victims needed food, water, warm clothes, hygiene products. We ask all concerned to respond. Clothes and food can be brought into the evacuation centres,” – said in the message of RSA.

4.22 Closed airspace in a radius of 20 kilometres over the area of the explosion. The movement of rail and road transport suspended.



3.30 At Arsenal ammunition storage Sixth Arsenal of the defense Ministry in the town of Friendship Ichnya district was on fire. Began to explode ammunition.


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