The export of revolution. The detention of Ukrainians in Georgia

Экспорт революции. Задержание украинцев в Грузии

MP Semenchenko and detainees in Georgia, the Ukrainians

The detainees had problems with the law in Ukraine, participated in various protests, fought in the ATO. In Georgia they are suspected of illegal acquisition and possession of weapons.

In Georgia were held presidential elections, won by the current government, and lost by the opposition, headed by ally Mikheil Saakashvili.

The opposition of the election results do not recognize and gather rallies. Familiar situation, isn’t it. Suddenly on the day of the opposition rally in Tbilisi detained a group of Ukrainians, allegedly with weapons.

What the Ukrainians did in Tbilisi, and here the people’s Deputy of Ukraine and Saakashvili, found out the


December 2, the Georgian interior Ministry reported the arrest of seven people: six citizens of Ukraine and one citizen of Georgia. The Department stated that the rooms of the detainees found the Beretta and Makarov pistols, automatic firearms and various ammunition.

The police began the investigation in the articles about the illegal purchase and possession of firearms, ammunition, explosives and explosive devices. We also find out what purpose the detainees arrived in Georgia.

Almost immediately there were reports that among those detained in Tbilisi Ukrainians was the people’s Deputy from Samopomich and former commander of the battalion Donbass semen Semenchenko.

Later began to write that Semenchenko thanks to the diplomatic passport to avoid arrest, and his associates were behind bars.

Semenchenko said that the information that he was detained in Georgia – fake and against the detained Ukrainians were a provocation.

The MP confirmed that some of the detainees are members of the Donbass battalion. According to him, all the detainees arrived in Georgia from 28 to 30 November in order to “meet your colleagues”.


In Tbilisi, December 2, held a mass protest organized by the United opposition, demanding early parliamentary elections.

The leaders of the opposition would not recognise the results of the second round of the presidential elections which were recorded “the facts of falsification, pressure on voters, violence, coercion, blackmail”.

According to representatives of the opposition, early elections should be held on proportional or proportional-regional principle.

The action made by the candidate from the United opposition Grigol Vashadze, former Georgian President (via Skype) Mikheil Saakashvili and other leaders of the opposition groups.

As stated by the presidential candidate of the United opposition Grigol Vashadze, opposition Association “Strength in unity” intends to file a lawsuit in court demanding to cancel the results of the second round of presidential elections.

Also, according to Vashadze, should be investigated.

Semenchenko said that detainees in Georgia, the Ukrainians are not involved in the protests.

“Any relation to the shares of local opposition Ukrainians do not have and have never visited”, – said the MP.

The identity of the detainees

According to Semenchenko in Georgia have detained Dmitry Kuragin, Rolland Maliy, Alexander Novikov, Yuri Korostyleva, Igor Orlenko Sergey Kladko and citizen of Georgia Luka Chateau.

“This people were under my command. I know them for almost five years. In 2014-2015 they fought and served in the battalion, which I ran. … Every evening we gathered in different places. When they arrived, passed the test, they were unarmed. They had no political motives “, – said Semenchenko.

Grigol Vashadze said that the opposition has no ties with the detainees. He drew attention to the fact that they arrived the day before the election, when the protest rally has been announced yet.

Do the detainees closely associated with Semenchenko and his actions. The detainee along with Ukrainians, Georgians Luke Chetia had problems with the law in Ukraine. In February 2018 with a group of protesters he was detained during a protest near the Solomensky district court of Kiev, which was chosen as a measure of restraint to the mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov. Then the police brought 36 people, but declared suspicion only three, among whom were Chetia. During this action the wound in the leg was a soldier of the National guard. Another three people received injuries to the head and stomach. Law enforcement authorities announced the seizure of the device for shooting of rubber bullets, two telescopic sticks, grenades, several knives, gas cartridges and smoke bombs.

17 Feb Luka Chateau together with other suspects were released on bail of people’s deputies Yegor Sobolev, semen Semenchenko, Paul Kostenko Volodymyr parasiuk. During the trial the lawyer of Chetii stated that he is a citizen of Georgia and do not speak the Ukrainian language. MP Yegor Sobolev, who reported that the detainees were released on bail, called Chateau “volunteers of Georgia”.

Rolland Melia participated in the blockade of trading in the Donbass. He is a member of the Movement Vizvolennya. June 20, 2018 MP Yegor Sobolev reported that Melia was arrested and taken to the police station in the Dneprovsky district of Kiev. According to Sobolev, Melia – migrants from the Crimea and the volunteer. 19 Jul Sam Rolland Melia said that was released after months of arrest.

The former fighter of a battalion Donbass Alexander Novikov Callsign hammer is also detained in Ukraine. 24 November 2017 Rukh Vizvolennya is a member of Novikov, reported that he was captured in Kiev in the area of Industrial bridge about 20 people, “like commandos”. The report noted that Novikov was one of the organizers of the camp for the adoption of anti-corruption laws by the Verkhovna Rada. On the same day it became known that Novikov was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping. 26 Nov 2017 in Mariupol, the court arrested him for two months. 11 December 2017 the people’s Deputy Sobolev said that Novikov refused to release on bail or to send under house arrest.

Was arrested in Ukraine and fighters of a battalion Donbass , Yuri Korostyleva Callsign Yakut. According to him, he was detained on 21 January 2016 when he arrived from the zone ATO on vacation. He was charged with illegal kidnapping, extortion, banditry, hijacking and robbery. Kramatorsky court arrested him until 30 August 2016 extended his arrest. 30 Aug korostylev was released, thanks to the sponsorship of several people’s deputies and the command of the battalion. According to TSN, he participated in the liberation of Artemovsk, Popasnaya, Lysychansk, Marinka and Krasnogorovka, the first storm of Ilovaysk.

Igor Orlenko fought in the Donbass battalion and is an activist Movement Vizvolennya.

What’s next

In the Ukrainian foreign Ministry said that all the detained Ukrainians were lawyers. Semenchenko promised to seek their release.

Ukrainians do not admit their guilt on indictment sheets wrote “Glory to Ukraine”.

According to the lawyers of the Ukrainians, they arrived in Georgia in the status of a tourist and not a suspect, “who benefits from their detention”.

The hearing concerning the preventive measure will be held on Tuesday, 4 December.