The failure of move Filaret. What happens in ptsu

Провал демарша Филарета. Что происходит в ПЦУ

Honorary Patriarch Filaret of Kiev said that allows the separation of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, initiated the meeting but ignored almost all the bishops of the PCU.

Patriarch Filaret has done almost more than anyone to create a unified, Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

Now, however, he admits the split in the DNC.

In early may Filaret said that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Kyivan Patriarch of gluttony by which the UAOC was established the Orthodox Church of Ukraine – is not eliminated, and sent almost all the bishops of the PCU invitation for a meeting on forms of nonexistent Kyiv Patriarchate.

The meeting was to be held on may 14 at St. Vladimir Cathedral, dedicated prayer and celebration in honor of the Martyr Macarius.

Scandalous invitation on the letterhead of the UOC-KP was sent to more than 60 bishops, but only 4 of them arrived on may 14 at St. Vladimir’s Cathedral.

Failure Filaret

In religious circles, some considered the planned celebration in the Vladimir Cathedral as a kind of “parade of strength”, which Filaret had to check how much bishops can support his idea of the restoration of the UOC-KP.

On the eve of a number of dioceses ptsu made public statements in support of the current Primate of the Church of the Epiphany.

As a result, Filaret came the Archbishop of Simferopol and Crimea Clement, and a group of bishops from the former parishes of the UOC-KP in Russia, the Metropolitan of Belgorod and Oboyan Ioasaf, his vicar Peter and Bishop Adrian.

Filaret during the sermon hinted at conflict in the Church.

“Now there is a struggle within the Orthodox Church. For that to be the independent Ukrainian state independent of the Church, or not to be. And in this fight some defend the independence of the Ukrainian Church and independence of the Ukrainian state. And others betray” – said Filaret.

He hinted at the fact that now many in Ukraine after receiving independence of the Church from one centre (may), makes it dependent on other center (perhaps Constantinople).

“We will continue to fight for a United local Orthodox Church independent of Moscow nor of Constantinople,” – said Filaret.

What’s the problem

According to media reports, Filaret dissatisfied with the policy of Patriarch Epiphanius, who supposedly listens to too much development Board of the Church of Constantinople.

Metropolitan Epiphanios for five months at the head of the Church pursued a rather independent policy, which in the end led to the confrontation between him and Philaret.

The Patriarch is not like that between him and Epiphanius of no communication.

It Filaret suggested Epiphany as Primate of the new Church, however, the exchange may nominate a number of requirements regarding its future nearly a leadership role in the DNC – that he was in charge of all Affairs here, and the Epiphany was the Church abroad.

Now Filaret stated that the acting head of the PCU communicates with him and is not cooperating in directing the Church.

“The claims are such that he should cooperate with me as a Patriarch,” said the Hierarch about his relationship with Epiphany.

He added that this is a violation of agreements concluded before the unification Council. Honorary Patriarch said that in this matter, “took the path of lies.”

According to Filaret, the head of the DNC since its inception has never concelebrated with him, and they met only “four or five times.”

Surrounded by Epiphanius say that Filaret communicates with him only in the form of ultimatums.

“So there is no communication, and it should be, the Church was divided. And so now my job as the Patriarch is to preserve the Kyivan Patriarchate is to keep the Ukrainian Church,” Filaret said.

What will happen next

PCU is headed by Epiphanius received Tomos, autocephaly, and that the recognition of this Church, other churches, now the competition is on. Filaret is a senior member of the Synod, directs the Kyiv diocese and the monasteries of Kiev. However, in the opinion of the state bodies and experts, not in his power to restore the UOC-KP or start discussions about it.

“As far as I know, his jealousy was actually woken up by some politicians from among those who shamefully called patriots, and in fact oriented to Moscow”, – said the expert Yuri Chernomorets.

In his opinion, for Patriarch Filaret and all the Orthodox churches in Ukraine, this situation there are three choices, said the scientists.

“First – things calm down Filaret takes the place of the reformer and helps to build ptsu. Second – matriarch resigns as a member of the Synod of the PCU, and then as a retired Bishop nastojatelnee in the Vladimir Cathedral and the Third – Filaret still trying to recover the UOC-KP, the Ecumenical Patriarchate condemned it, including the use of ecclesiastical sanctions,” the expert explains.