The failure of the talks in Minsk is working against Ukraine – expert

Безрезультатность переговоров в Минске работает против Украины – эксперт

From the talks of the foreign Ministers “channel four” no one expected a breakthrough, noted in VISGRA.

The failure of the talks in Minsk agreement begins to work against Ukraine. So says Director of the Ukrainian Institute of global strategies of development and adaptation (WESGRO) Victor Levitsky.

According to him, from the talks of the foreign Ministers “channel four” no one expected a breakthrough, but at the end of almost all of the participants spoke about the lack of results.

“However, if the Ukrainian negotiator Pavlo Klimkin focused on the accusation of the Russian side, the European participants it is at least non-constructive on both sides. According to Steinmeier, Ukraine also replaces the implementation of the Minsk agreements in idle chatter, like Russia,” said Levitsky.

He stressed that the hope of European partners on the Ukraine’s willingness to really solve their own problems continues to melt. In addition, an important indicator, according to the Director WESGRO, is the arrangement of accents in the negotiation process.

“Judging by the statements of the parties, all flew to Minsk to discuss the local elections in the Donbass, while the Ukrainian delegation continues to focus on issues like the arms of the OSCE mission… And while our negotiators will lobby for the issues, the adoption of which they still have influence, we become victims of those who, in the eyes of the international community also bears responsibility for the conflict”, – said Levitsky.

We will remind, on November 29 the foreign Minister “channel four” in Minsk are unable to agree on the road map of Donbass, nor the control of the OSCE uncontrolled section of the Ukrainian-Russian border, nor about the possibility of holding elections.

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