The fall of the exchange: the White house said that the U.S. economy remains strong

Падение биржи: Белый дом заявил, что экономика США остается сильной

Politics Donald trump has created a strong Foundation for continued economic growth, highlighted in the U.S. administration.

Speaker of the house Sarah Sanders stated that the main indicators and the future of the U.S. economy remain strong.

“Unemployment is at 50-year low, taxes for families and businesses, reduced regulation and bureaucracy is reduced, salaries get bigger, the confidence of consumers and business in the future beats records, and improved trade agreements help farmers and producers,” said Sanders.

She also indicated that the reason for these successes is the economic policy of U.S. President Donald trump.

We will remind, on Wednesday, October 10, major stock indices lost about 3 to 4% due to the ongoing increase in yields on 10-year us government bonds.

The yield dynamics of government bonds and the stock market, as a rule, inversely proportional, as a highly profitable husbandi can guarantee investors a more stable income compared to stocks.

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