The family of Russia asked for refugee status in Ukraine

Семья из России попросила статус беженцев в Украине

The Russians asked for asylum in Ukraine

The head of the family was prosecuted for remarks about regime change in Russia.

Last night, July 2, at one of the checkpoints on the border with Russia family Russian citizens asked for refugee status in Ukraine. It is reported by the state border service.

According to authorities, 32-year-old citizen of Russia and his 33-year-old wife came on foot with a small child.

“Citizens of Russia during a conversation told me that in connection with the political persecution they were forced to seek refugee status. The persecution of Russians started after the statements of the husband of their position about the change of power in Russia. For this he was prosecuted, and is now exposed to further prosecution”, – is spoken in the message.

After the paperwork they were sent to the State migration service of Ukraine.

As reported Корреспондент.neton 15 June, two Russian oppositionists from the party Alexei Navalny has applied for political asylum in Ukraine.

For two years citizens of Ukraine were six thousand Russians