The father’s approach

Отцовский подход

First place at the Olympics and a great desire to become a programmer. Seventh-grader Andrey Ivanenko did not even know how much it will mean in mathematics and what role it will play ordinary… seeds.

– Here they are! – Sergei Ivanenko shows diplomas that hang on the wall in frames under glass. – Our pride!

The son – seventh-grader Andrew – the man brought us from the doorway. Rushed into the eyes of a large Desk with a laptop, beside it, a pencil case and a set for plotting. On the bookshelf – notebooks, textbooks and several books on programming.

This diploma for winning the school competition on mathematics, continues to brag about the successes of the son of the proud father. – Andrew was so concerned, even in the morning did not eat anything…

And then a clever student decided to participate in the district Olympiad. And also came home with a trophy, certificate of award of the first place and statuette bust of Euclid – “father of mathematics”. “We threw a holiday!”, – says dad Andrew.

Soon joins the conversation and Sam Andrew – he just came home from school. With the appearance of a skinny boy with an inquisitive vshalom. Neat hair and stylish enough to wear break all the existing stereotypes about “nerds”. “No, me like nobody else in class calls”, – said a little embarrassed schoolboy.

Love Andrey Ivanenko for mathematics did not begin immediately. In primary school the boy the figures were indifferent mother remembers Svetlana: “the Puzzles were solved, but to him it was like – this was not. I remember there was a couple that evening on exercise, sitting. Somehow was not it. Sometimes, even cried.” At these words, Andrew sheepishly blushing.

  • I just don’t understand why I need math, explains the student. Well, that is, the numbers, them there put, deductible is clear. And when I went all sorts of formulas, and other complexities – I could not grasp how to apply it in real life!
  • Now, you know?
  • Of course! – proudly says Andrew. Formulas can be used for anything: to calculate the table size, how many liters of water you need to dial in the tub, how to build a rocket and a bunch-a whole bunch.

It turns out that Andrew made friends with math by his father. An engineer by education, so the co numbers for him – a necessity. “Remember, Andrew was stuck on the discriminant. And so, and syak – and formula-like fish-eel, is not given, – with a smile said Sergei Ivanenko. – And then I just watch football. Like for this case Semyon clicking. Here I have my son and tried to explain that Yes, as with the discriminant!”.

Отцовский подход



“Daddy poured the seeds out of the pack, divided into two piles. On the one poured on the second, then again poured, a couple of pieces removed, another added, and then it dawned on me! exclaims the boy. – Now, if the school somehow explained”.

Fell in love with the boy and the football – watching it solely on his father’s method – with Semko. To flip them for company and her mother Svetlana, not against it. “Oh! it will be necessary to semky to explain to you what offside is!” – suddenly exclaims the head of the family and long laughs.

He is now preparing for the regional competition. And in parallel is studying programming.

  • And if it was that dad was asked to teach how to use “the computer”, – recalls with a smile the student.
  • Well, as a student?
  • Sat and tapped the keyboard and gave: “Yes, without semok is there not to understand!” – Andrew laughed.