The FBI – not the GPU. What took Manafort

ФБР - не ГПУ. За что взяли Манафорта

Former consultant of the Party of regions and Viktor Yanukovych faces up to 80 years in prison.

By Paul Manafort, an American political operative who long worked in Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, Party of regions and the Opposition bloc, placed under house arrest in the United States.

Manafort accused of tax evasion and money laundering, have been obtained in Ukraine.

The political strategist who headed the campaign for some time the headquarters of Donald trump, could become an important witness in the case of ties, the current President of the USA with Russia, which is now actively being investigated in the United States. has gathered information about the case of Manafort.

Ukrainian money

Manafort indicted on 12 counts. Among other things, he is accused of conspiracy against the United States, conspiracy to commit money laundering, in the performance of illegal agent services for foreign customers, false statements and failure to file reports of foreign Bank and financial accounts.

In particular, between 2006 and 2015 Manafort and his business partner Richard gates concealed from US their activities as agents of the government of Ukraine, Party of regions and its the successor of the party “Opposition bloc”. They promoted the interests of political parties of Ukraine and their leaders, in particular, Victor Yanukovych, and was paid tens of millions of dollars.

Money received for work in Ukraine, Manafort and his partner washed. They did it through foreign corporations, partnerships, Bank accounts, and sources in the United States. We are talking about 17 companies in the US, 12 of the Cyprus companies, the two companies in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and one in the UK.

They also did not specify their savings abroad in the tax returns in the United States.

The FBI is investigating big money transfers that were on account in the US from offshore companies. In the end, the FBI began investigating the 13-year transfers in the amount of approximately $3 million They were associated with companies of Manafort and implemented in 2012-2013.

Most translations eventually appeared in the accounts of construction firms, hedge funds and even the dealership.

According to investigators, through offshore accounts Manafort and gates in total, has been more than $ 75 million. Also, supposedly, Manafort laundered more than $ 18 million, which he bought real estate (in particular, the condominium in Manhattan for 2 million 850 thousand dollars and a house in Brooklyn for $ 3 million), goods and services in the United States, but did not pay these income taxes.

Russian money

In General, Manafort can get up to $100 million from Ukrainian and Russian customers. Among the latest Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska.

American channel NBC news found that companies associated with Manafort, received loans from offshore companies Deripaska.

As evidenced by the financial documents stored in Cyprus and the Cayman Islands, the total known business transactions is approximately $ 60 million over the last decade.

Where is trump?

During the US elections in 2016 Manafort headed the campaign headquarters of trump, but was forced to resign.

In Ukraine the scandal connected with “black cash register” of the Party of regions. Among the recipients of cash were listed by Paul Manafort. The political strategist was forced to resign not to cast a shadow on the trump.

After trump did become President in the USA has begun investigation about intervention of Russia in election and trump’s ties with Moscow. The case of Manafort included in this investigation.

While all charges against Manafort associated with tax evasion. Russian trace in them. Perhaps the investigators expect that, under pressure from the political strategist will talk about the relations of the electoral headquarters of the trump of Russia.

Response Trump

The President of the United States Donald trump urged investigators to focus on Hillary Clinton against former head of his election campaign was indicted.

“Sorry, but that was many years ago, before Manafort became part of the campaign trump. False why Hillary and the Democrats are not the center of attention?” – trump wrote in his Twitter.

What they say in Ukraine

Interestingly, after trump became the President of the United States, Ukrainian law enforcers stated that claims to Manafort don’t have a case of “black funds” of the Party of regions has gradually decayed.

But now it turns out that the FBI has the existence of the “barn books”, ETC. and benefits from it confirmed.

The GPU now claim that is also your case is not closed.

Criminal case in the United States by Paul Manafort laundering of funds earned in the Ukraine during the reign of Yanukovych, as part of the investigations of the Prosecutor General, the head of the Department of special investigations of the GPU Sergey Gorbatyuk.

“The investigation fits into the framework of those investigations that we carry out. The first concerns the misappropriation of funds of the Ministry of justice, which stood at us law firm to prepare the report in the case “Tymoshenko against Ukraine” concerning his illegal arrest. The second part of the materials in the black accounting. These cases we’re investigating,” – said Gorbatyuk.

According to him, the Prosecutor General’s office two years ago, he sent a request to the Ministry of justice with a request to interrogate Manafort regarding funds and their use, but the Ukrainian Ministry has not received a response.