The FIA explained the reasons for the introduction of Halo in 2018

В FIA объяснили причины введения Halo в 2018 году

System Halo

International autopagerize issued a press release with explanations of the reasons of such decision.

The decision of the International autopagerize to introduce a system of protection of the driver’s head Halo is already starting in 2018 has caused great criticism, so the FIA has published a press release with explanations of the reasons of such decision.

The press release explains that safety in Motorsport – the first priority for the FIA, and while in many ways this issue is managed to achieve great success, protection of the head in the equation the competition for many years remained a problematic area. Motorsport by its nature involves risk, but the mission of the FIA, as the governing body in this sport that continuously seeks to minimize this risk through ongoing research to improve safety on the road.

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After several incidents, the Association of pilots of Formula 1 (GPDA) in July 2016 was sent to the President of the FIA Jean Todt requesting the creation of some form of head protection in the cockpit that “we need to find as soon as possible”. The preferred option at the present time – the system is Halo.

Halo test showed that in the case of incidents occurring between machines, Halo was able to withstand a load equal to 15 times the total mass of the machine, which considerably reduces the risk of injury.

В FIA объяснили причины введения Halo в 2018 году

In collisions with external objects, the Halo was found to successfully reject large objects from the cockpit and showed higher overall level of safety in terms of collisions with small debris.

In addition, reviews after extensive tests confirmed that the system Halo has virtually no effect on visibility, as the Central strut creates almost no visual barriers. Test track also has not shown any problems with leaving the cockpit for pilots, and multiple tests to extract the pilot out of the cockpit installed on the machine with the Halo system, in the case of using the revised procedures, demonstrated that there is a guarantee of a safe operation.

Given the successful static tests conducted with the system of Halo, the repeated and successful testing on the track, held with the participation of a large number of teams and riders in the second half of the 2016 season, and the need to fulfill obligations on introduction of the system of protection by the beginning of 2018, the Halo system is the best solution to protect the front of the cockpit at the moment.

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