The fight against corruption in Ukraine: the IMF did not see the results

Борьба с коррупцией в Украине: в МВФ не увидели результатов

Lungman don’t see the changes in the level of corruption in Ukraine

At the same time, the IMF noted that Ukraine set up institutions that will help to fight corruption.

The International monetary Fund believes that Ukraine should focus on land reform and privatization as it is quite promising sectors from the point of view of investment. This was said by the IMF resident representative in Ukraine Jost Longman, writes UNN on Tuesday, February 12.

According to him, over the last 5 years much has been done in various fields, but the international monetary Fund is not yet seen radical changes in the level of corruption in Ukraine.

“We haven’t seen radical changes in the level of corruption. Although institutions have been established that will help to fight corruption”, – said Longman.

Earlier it became known that Ukraine this year will receive two tranches from the IMF.


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