The fight for the medals of the world championship on chess are three Ukrainka

Борьбу за награды ЧМ по шахматам продолжают три украинки

Gaponenko, and Zhukov was not able to pass the first round.

Two Ukrainian chess players completed their performance at the world Cup after the first round.

Confidently passed the stage of 1/32 of the final of the sisters Muzychuk. Anna has two wins over Rani Hamid from Bangladesh, and Maria also defeated Shahenda Wafa from Egypt.

Anna Ushenina in excellent style beat experienced Armenian Lilit Mkrtchian in the first game with white, but black managed to fight back without the help of the opponent, playing in the desired draw. 1,5: 0,5 – total score in her favor.

But Inna Gaponenko and Natalia Zhukova in their pairs lost. Inna Gaponenko played two major parties against the American chess player Irina Krush in a tie, and additional lost. The score 3:1 in favor of Cruz.

Even more offensive to the departure of Natalia Zhukova, who won the first major party in the Chinese Nor Shizune black. But to make at least a draw with white, failed. In the tie-break was first two draws and then, in the game with time control, Zhukov once again lost to white and not bounced back. The score is 3,5:2,5 in favor of the Chinese.

Championship of the world. 1/32 finals

Anna Muzychuk – Rani Hamid (Bangladesh) – 2:0
Shahenda Wafa (Egypt) – Mariya Muzychuk – 0:2
Anna Ushenina – Lilit Mkrtchyan (Armenia) – 1,5:0,5
No Shizune (China) – Natalia Zhukova – 3,5:2,5
Irina Krush (USA) – Inna Gaponenko – 3:1

1/16 finals

Anna Muzychuk – Anastasia Bodnaruk (Russia)
Maria Muzychuk – Ekaterina Atalik (Turkey)
Anna Ushenina – Valentina Gunina (Russia)

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