The figure of a man affects the personal qualities of scientists

Фигура человека влияет на личностные качества - ученые

Experts conducted an experiment and determine the exact traits that are associated with the owners of different types of shapes.

Scientists from the University of Texas in Dallas found that the figure of the person affects his personality and his perception of other people. Reported by the Daily Mail.

A team of researchers conducted an experiment. They offered 76 students to describe the 140 photographs of different people. The photo was of 70 women and 70 men with different completeness figures.

The students could use to describe a person 30 proposed traits. All the words belong to the so-called independent personality traits of the Big five. It is a psychological model that assumes that man can have five relatively independent traits. These include extraversion, friendliness, conscientiousness, neuroticism and openness to experience.

The results of the experiment showed that overweight people is associated with laziness and negligence, and the owners of a slender figure – with confidence and enthusiasm. Conflict, irritable and extroverts respondents thought the owners of the pear-shaped figure and people with broad shoulders. Those who have non-standard body types are perceived as shy and reliable people.

Before scientists from the medical Institute of Howard Hughes and Allen Institute have discovered how the brain controls movement. Earlier, the Correspondent wrote that American scientists have created the “condom of the future.”

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