The Finance Ministry has prepared a plan for the monetization of subsidies

Минфин подготовил план монетизации субсидий

Now the authorities in the first stage, which enters the new year monetization of subsidies on the level of service providers.

The Ministry of Finance has developed a plan of transition to monetary calculations on subsidies, which will consist of three stages. This was announced by Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Marchenko, reports mirror of the week. Ukraine.

According to him, the first phase will include the monetization of calculations on subsidies at the level of enterprises – service providers. At the second stage – preparation of system to conduct the monetization of subsidies at the household level (the creation of necessary infrastructure, the creation of a unified registry and database of subsidianes and their verification, etc.). In the third stage – the monetization of subsidies at the household level.

“Now we are at the first stage, which enters the new year monetization of subsidies on the level of service providers,” said Marchenko.

The purpose of these changes is the transition to transparent and timely payments “live” money on subsidies between government and suppliers and services.

According to the Deputy Minister, after the heating season 20172018 years it is planned to transfer a part of payments on ordinary current accounts of enterprises – service providers. This step will provide another prerequisite for the transition to a free market will create opportunities for businesses who want to work with the population, and will pave the way for direct transfer of subsidies to households, which alone will be able to pay for utilities, said the material.

“In practice, this will work in the following way: the transfer of a grant will be made directly to the state Treasury without any protocols. Subsidies will be paid for actually consumed energy and the available services that will allow to avoid situations when, for example, performers receive greater subsidies than consumed in the household. In addition, it will clearly set the timing of calculations – up to the 24th of each month to ensure timely payment. While providers will be able to choose the most competitive supplier of energy and to settle with him “live” money from the subsidies”, – said Marchenko.

As reported Корреспондент.netin the Ministry of Finance hope that the 55 billion will be enough for payment of subsidies in 2018. In this case, the authorities had to allocate for these purposes UAH 14bn.

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