The Finance Ministry proposes not to penalize for lateness due to Petya

Минфин предлагает не штрафовать за опоздания из-за Petya

The current GCC does not provide for exemption from the late fee

The Ministry of Finance has prepared draft amendments to the Tax code.

The Ministry of Finance initiates the release of fines from taxpayers who have not filed tax bills due to the attack of the virus Petya, reported Ukrainian news.

The virus had a negative impact on the ability of taxpayers to meet their obligations, and the most widespread was the problem of registration of tax invoices issued in the period 1 to 15 June.

For late registration of tax invoices penalties.

Since registration could not be implemented because of the virus, the Ministry of Finance decided that the guilt of the taxpayers in this.

The current Tax code does not provide for the release of taxpayers from liability in such cases. In this regard, the Ministry of Finance has prepared draft amendments to the Tax code, which exempts taxpayers from penalties for late registration of tax invoices issued from 1 to 15 June.

July 4, the draft law will be submitted to Cabinet and then Parliament.

The Finance Ministry expects that the Parliament will have to vote for this project before the holidays.

Recall, 27 June 2017 Ukraine has undergone to hacker attack virus-the extortioner Peter (Petya A). The virus has mostly struck by IT systems in European countries. Was blocked by many corporate and government sites. Most of the attacks had on Ukraine – more than 75%, then comes Germany with about 10%. Less than 1% of attacks occurred in Russia.

2 July coverprice Ukraine gave advice on how to recover data after virus attacks Peter.

Lawyers believe that under the guise of fraudsters could steal someone’s housing.