The Finance Ministry said on surveillance of their office

В Минфине заявили о слежке за их офисом

В Минфине заявили о слежке за их офисом

В Минфине заявили о слежке за их офисом

A suspicious van allegedly periodically monitors the entrance to the office.

The Ministry of Finance told about the surveillance of their office on Podol in Kiev. This is stated in the statement on Facebook.

“Many are interested in the work of the Ministry of Finance. Despite the fact that we are transparent and publish all information associated with our activities, some believe that this is not enough…”, – is told in the message.

As they say in social networks, some time ago near the reserve entrance in the building of the Ministry at the hem staff found a suspicious van, which appeared regularly in the building.

“Law enforcement was notified. After inspection it was found that the van is a clone and license plates on it is fake. After the next appearance of this van at our building was caused by the investigative team, which clarifies the circumstances”, – added in the message.

Also, the Ministry promised to announce the details later.

We will remind, earlier the media spoke about the “trail of the SBU” to the surveillance Sheremet.

In the capital police detained-robbers