The fire at Chernobyl eliminated

Пожар в Чернобыле ликвидировали

The fire in the Chernobyl zone eliminated

To extinguish the fire attracted 25 pieces of equipment and 138. Aviation SSES has implemented 69 water discharge – 318 tons.

The fire in the Chernobyl zone is completely eliminated. On Thursday, June 7, according to the SSES.

According to authorities, the fire completely liquidated at 17:50.

Extinguishing attracted 25 pieces of equipment and 138. Aircraft gschs of work carried out 69 discharges (318 tons).

The office noted that the radiation background in Kiev, Chernobyl and the ChNPP industrial site is normal. So, in the capital of Ukraine is now the background radiation is 12 mcR/h (safe levels up to 30 µr/h). In the town of Chernobyl – 31 Mr/HR (the safe level of 50 µr/h). At the industrial site of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant – 51.6 per µr/h (safe level – up to 140 mcR/h).

We recall the morning of June 5 in the Chernobyl exclusion zone there is a fire of dry grass, with subsequent spread of fire in a forest area of about 10 hectares.


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