The first cruise missile in Ukraine. What can Neptune

Первая крылатая ракета Украины. Что умеет Нептун

Ukraine experienced its own cruise missile Neptune

The new Ukrainian development can be compared to the American and Soviet expert says. But in Russia a cruise missile called “bullshit”.

Ukraine has tested a cruise missile ground-based Neptune entirely of Ukrainian origin. The new missile can hit ground and sea targets.

Test Neptune Ukraine opened a new stage missile program, according to which the Armed forces should get a powerful highly effective cruise missiles, said the NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov.

After the disarmament of the Ukrainian army in accordance with the Budapest Memorandum on arms was not a single cruise missile, said Turchynov.

Корреспондент.net understood, that is capable of first Ukrainian cruise missiles.

The first cruise missile of Ukraine

Complex with anti-ship cruise missiles Neptune is the Ukrainian development, said the national security Council.

The creation of a missile designers engaged SOEs Beam in cooperation with Motor Sich and other enterprises of the military-industrial complex.

The rocket will have three modifications: shipborne, land and airborne. Neptune will be located in the transport launch container. Length of the rocket accelerator is five meters.

New Ukrainian missile designed to destroy warships and transport ships in the shock groups.

“The range of our cruise missiles and their combat gear do not contradict Ukraine signed international agreements on such weapons,” – said Turchinov.

The first tests of the missile took place March 22, 2016. The testing of Neptune took place in mid-2017, along with the rocket Alder. However, the results did not advertise.

During the test, January 30, tested the flight characteristics and systems of a rocket. Test cruise missiles Neptune were successful, said the national security Council.

You can compare with the American

Director, information and consulting company Defense Express Serhiy Zgurets said that now the Neptune is a very timely project and gave two reasons:

-for Ukraine, the creation of a powerful weapon is critical to national security;

– given the limited resources available should you choose projects by criterion “efficiency-cost”.

“It is a national project – no dependence on foreign partners is of particular importance against the background of the refusal of some Western defense companies to supply Ukraine similar samples or accessories”, – the expert wrote in Facebook.

He noted that the Beam developed a missile that combines “new ideas and already proven solutions, trusted designs, the manufacture of which has already been established in Ukraine.”

The military expert said that it was a subsonic missile, the scheme of its flight – the standard for cruise model.

“Midcourse altitude: 10-30 m, on the end portion 4-5 m. warhead – high-explosive. By equipping different types of homing can hit various types of targets. As with known coordinates, and used as anti-radar missile,” explains Zgurets.

It provides a range for sea targets at a distance of 280 kilometers, and along the shore of stationary targets.

The expert said that it can be compared with American, Chinese and Soviet missiles with a range of 300 kilometers. He noted that the Ukrainian missiles Neptune have no equal in range.

It is expected that Neptune will be in service with coastal forces. The rocket will use to control the Black sea.

When the rockets entered service is not known yet, because Neptune must undergo all stages of state testing. How many of these missiles have already been made – so far kept secret.


In Russia call “bullshit”

Newspaper.EN spoke about the skepticism among the Russian military about the testing of cruise missiles in Ukraine.

“First, it’s unlikely, and secondly, definitely not competitive with any of our Caliber, no Tomahawk. They have separate backlogs were they collect the parts and all failed”, – said the Chairman of the Duma Committee on defense and security, Vladimir Shamanov.

He believes that the challenge of Neptune was the propaganda action.

“That’s on the background of all these events the Americans declare, to show the contribution of Ukrainians to further destabilization on the borders of Russia. It’s all bullshit”, he said.

In early January of this year in Ukraine also conducted the first tests of missiles tactical complex Thunder-2. This complex is created to defeat single and group, stationary targets at a distance of from 50 to 280 kilometers.

Testing the Thunder also caused doubts among Russian parliamentarians. In the state Duma considered that the reason for the publication of a video of the test of the new Ukrainian tactical complex – the desire to intimidate the civilian population and “undermine the Crimeans Christmas vacation”.