The first interrogation Onishchenko will hold tomorrow

Первый допрос Онищенко проведут завтра

Alexander Onishchenko

The main person involved in the gas business, Alexander Onishchenko, interrogation, promises to reveal all the secrets, because he has “nothing to lose”.

The main person involved in the gas business of the company Alexander Onishchenko will be questioned NABOO Skype connection tomorrow, December 22. He announced this today at a press conference given by Ukrainian media also on video.

The fluent oligarch has told that earlier tried to give statements to the NEB and to law enforcement.

“Finally, after they found out that I will be conducting the conference, they agreed on tomorrow on Skype conference. Therefore, the necessary evidence that I have, I pass,” he said.

Questioning Onischenko is scheduled for 12:00.

Previously, the NAB also said that the interrogation Onishchenko on video can spend the next few days.

The politician noted that he was deprived of all, because it will reveal all the secrets. “Me holds nothing for me there that can keep. All my family members went, in all criminal cases… So I’m going to talk about everything,” he said.

We will remind, in Ukraine Onishchenko criminal case on corruption schemes of gas to the subsidiary. In the summer, the Verkhovna Rada granted the idea to attraction of the Deputy to criminal responsibility, and he, taking advantage of parliamentary immunity, left the first in Russia and then in Britain. Now he continues to escape abroad.

Not so long ago, Onishchenko said about the dirt on Poroshenko, noting that transferred all materials to the President of the United States. He accuses the President of corruption, shadow schemes, kickbacks, “privatization” of the Verkhovna Rada, stating that the whole year secretly recorded his conversation with Poroshenko on the clock with the recorder.

However, specific facts, names and numbers from your “compromising case” Onishchenko still media not named, from which some make the assumption that the scandal with records Onishchenko will result in another “fixed” in power.

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