The first Polyakov case will collapse for lack of evidence – the expert

Дело Полякова первым развалится из-за отсутствия доказательств – эксперт

Kost Bondarenko

Kost Bondarenko believes that organized political attack on the institution of parliamentary immunity.

The NAB and the Prosecutor’s office can get into trouble due to the preparation of fabricated views on removal of inviolability from deputies. This commentary for said political analyst Kost Bondarenko.

“Now, after the statements of the President, it is obvious that the package of five submissions were preparing for a political attack on the institution of parliamentary immunity”, – he said.

Bondarenko said that judging by the published documents, the evidence base in submissions is highly questionable.

“First, apparently still in rules Committee, fall apart “thing Polyakova”. For evidence of corruption need a chain: official requires a bribe, then the person receives a bribe – then the officer makes a legal decision on the fulfilment of promises. Instead, the case story describes the attempts of a special agent to persuade the assistant of MP amendments. The facts of distribution of funds 226 MPs for voting for the amendment is not given. All the other episodes with carrying a bag with 200 thousand on the Kiev restaurants Deputy Polyakov’t even tie Affairs Boris Polyakov and Rosenblatt shared even the detectives,” said Bondarenko.

He recalled that not so long ago, “the Verkhovna Rada decriminalized official economic crimes, which are more like professional failure.” The analyst suggests that “soon Rada legalize lobbying, and then all these amendments, round tables and information campaigns will just become part of Ukrainian policy”.

“As for the charges of the deputies of illicit enrichment – this article does not work, for two years, her actions still has not been convicted. So all these ideas – not exactly a good public relations Director of the NAB and the Prosecutor General. The same PR was past performance Vadim Novinsky. Parliament has stripped him of immunity last year, and since then, no suspicion has not been shown, it suddenly collapses,” – said Bondarenko.

“The NEB should focus on the billion-dollar schemes of systemic corruption, and not try to throw the assistant Deputy 7 thousand dollars for solving some samoreklama or personal problems,” advised the expert.

As reported Корреспондент.nettoday the Committee on rules and organization of work of the Verkhovna Rada did not support the removal of inviolability from the people’s Deputy Oles Dovgy from the faction of the people’s Will.

The day before the same decision was taken in respect of people’s Deputy Yevhen Deydey from the popular front.