The first time was taken for the debts of housing housing: details

В Украине впервые забрали жилье за долги ЖКХ: подробности

In Ukraine apartments can sell for debts

Published details of the first in Ukraine the sale of property for debts.

City officials have said in the luck for the debts of communal sold the apartment. According to the city Council, by decision of a court in the city to be auctioned on gosection housing families, who owes 50 thousand hryvnia, reports Today.

Deputy mayor of Lutsk Taras Yakovlev confirmed that this apartment was the first in the country, which was seized and sold for debts for utility services.

Housing and communal services note that waited until the last minute because they can go to court when the debt for utility services exceeds the amount of 13 thousand hryvnias. In this case, apartment owners informed about the growing debt and requested him to repay.

“As far as I know, this loft is still home to the family – a woman with her middle-aged son, they have not yet been evicted,”.

The head of the Department of justice of Volyn region, Valentin Kuharik told that realized the apartment is on the street, in a residential area obltsentra. On the website CETAM (the system of electronic auction of seized property) indicates that at this location sold a two-bedroom apartment with total area of 56.7 sq. m, on the first floor of nine-storey building.

The starting price for the auction was just over 413 thousand hryvnia, in the end, the apartment sold for 446 thousand. Out of the money 50 thousand will go to pay off the debt, and the other half to owners.

As noted, price has been lowered on the average on 100 thousand hryvnias, as this is a public auction. Based on data from CETAM, in the near future for debts in luck can even sell two apartments: in one case the auction has not yet begun, and the second has already started registration of participants of auction.

According to the publication, in many areas has already been arrested and exposed on auction about 2-3 dwellings.

As reported Корреспондент.netpreviously 385 the age of the debtors for housing and communal services of Dnepropetrovsk forbade to go abroad.