The football Federation of Spain banned the La Liga matches in the United States

Федерация футбола Испании запретила проводить матчи Ла Лиги в США

Spanish fans can breathe a sigh of relief.

The Royal football Federation of Spain has refused La Liga clubs in a request to host the matches in the US and Canada.

The League couldn’t prove to the Federation that the conduct of the game in America will meet international and Spanish laws. Besides, La Liga is not able to prove that the conduct of the match in the United States will not prejudice the fans and the other 18 clubs examples.

In August, the League announced the conclusion of a deal with American media company Relevent Sports, in terms of which an indefinite number of League matches will be held in North America.

Also, the President of La Liga announced the desire to spend in Spain, the matches of the championship Ecuador.

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