The foreign Ministry hopes the US on the issue of unlocking of the Commission Ukraine-NATO

МИД рассчитывает на США в вопросе разблокировки комиссии Украина-НАТО

Elena zerkal commented on the blocking of the Commission Ukraine-NATO

The Ukrainian foreign Ministry acknowledged that without the help of the United States to release the lock of Budapest is extremely difficult.

Without US aid it would be difficult to lift the blockade of Hungary meeting of the Commission Ukraine-NATO. About this on air of channel 5 said the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine on European integration Elena zerkal.

“The siege of the Budapest meeting of the Commission Ukraine–NATO continues despite criticism of NATO and the EU. Here also there is a question of compromise.

A compromise has been reached about the conduct of the June 22 joint meeting of Ministers of education and foreign Affairs, is devoted to the development of relations between Ukraine and Hungary, and what we need to do to improve, to avoid problems in various international markets,” – said zerkal.

Earlier it was reported that the US is trying to reconcile Ukraine with Hungary.

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