The foreign Ministry is preparing for the introduction of visas with Russia, – Klimkin

МИД готовится к введению виз с Россией – Климкин

“Ready, we have the appropriate experience,” said the Minister, commenting on the possibility of introducing a visa regime with Russia.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine in the case of a decision to introduce visa regime with Russia, are ready to implement it. This was stated by foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin on air of TV channel 112 Ukraine on Thursday evening.

“With regard to procedures, the Ministry of foreign Affairs all do. To prepare, we have the appropriate experience, so the foreign Ministry in this regard, don’t worry,” said the Minister.

“I believe that even the introduction of a visa regime in the context of control of who comes from Russia, we know very little. We have to introduce biometric passports, but then more and control those who come,” – said Klimkin.

According to him, to date, almost 3 million Ukrainians are in Russia. “And at the same time needs to understand what about our citizens who are in the territory of temporarily occupied Crimea? What Russia will do in the sense to limit these contacts?”, – said the foreign Minister.

Klimkin said he was not against the introduction of a visa regime with Russia, but we need a clear approach and vision for what will happen next.

“My answer: definitely Yes. But this is a question that need to be resolved in time, and from the point of view of these procedures, based on a clear approach and understanding of how Russia will try to kill our citizens to involve in mandatory Russian citizenship. This should definitely be prevented,” – said the Minister.

The head of the SBU for the introduction of visa regime with Russia

We will remind, earlier the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andrei Parubiy said that to consider the introduction of a visa regime with Russia must first hold political consultations in Parliament and to coordinate the bill with all factions.