The foreign Ministry responded to the words Tillerson about the Donbass

МИД отреагировал на слова Тиллерсона о Донбассе

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine

The Ukrainian foreign Ministry commented on the words Tillerson about the alternative to Minsk.

First Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim Pristayko believes that everyone understands that the Minsk format is a necessary tool to resolve the situation in Donbas, but its capabilities are limited. So he responded to the words of the head of the US state Department Rex Tillerson of a possible alternative to the Minsk agreements, reports UNIAN.

“He (Secretary of state USA Rex Tillerson – ed.) said that whatever the format, we talked about that, too, whatever the format – most importantly, to attain the objectives of Minsk. Do not have the points to strike out, to just peace was achieved. That’s what he meant,” – said the first Deputy foreign Minister.

“I don’t want to interpret what he (Tillerson – ed.) said. He said only that it is not necessary to do it in this format. This, incidentally, gives us the opportunity to look wider. We also see, as all that the Minsk format is the right mechanism, but really his options are limited, and everybody understands that,” added Pristayko.


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Recall, U.S. Secretary Rex Tillerson said that Russia and Ukraine can reach an agreement to resolve the crisis in the Donbas through other mechanisms, not necessarily recorded in the Minsk agreements.