The former head of GFS released on bail

Экс-главу ГФС отпустили на поруки

Miroslav Sold released on bail

The defense completely challenged in court, the prosecution requests for content Sold Miroslav custody.

The Solomensky court of Kiev refused satisfaction of the petition of prosecutors and decided to apply to the former head of the State fiscal service Miroslav Prodan measure in the form of personal guarantees. About it reports RBC-Ukraine.

It is noted that the court put on Sold the following responsibilities: to arrive for each requirement to report a change of job or residence, to Deposit his passport and the passport for travel abroad to wear an electronic monitoring tool.

The hearing lasted for nine hours. During the debate, the defense completely challenged the prosecution requests for content Sold under custody.

It is emphasized that ex-the head of the fiscal service denies all charges against himself.

We will remind, Sold, accused of illegal enrichment. He is suspected of receiving more than 89 million hryvnia during the management of the SFS, which was acquired a number of real estate and vehicles.

Earlier it was reported that seven people’s deputies expressed their intention to bail the former head of the State fiscal service.

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