The former head of the CEC DND: we have Russia thrown under tanks

Экс-глава ЦИК ДНР: Россия нас бросила под танки

Roman Lyagin admitted that I was wrong

Lyagin believes that the Donbass back under the control of Ukraine.

The former head of “CEC DNR” Roman Lyagina said that Russia gave the separatists of Donbass. About this he wrote on his page in Facebook.

“I’m an organizer of the referendum and responsible for the failure of the Ukrainian elections 2014. Did what they did out of conviction, sincerely and with full dedication! Because I believed in Russia that will not leave us. But she left, and under tanks! Thousands of people slaughtered like cattle, for TV pictures,” – said Lyagin.

He stressed that DND and LNR will not be annexed to Russia Crimea for example.

“The Donbass is not destined to go the way of Crimea! We are betrayed and sold! That fought and died!? … let each himself will answer,” says Lagin.

He also believes that the occupied Donbas back under the control of Ukraine.

“And that was all for nothing!? Yes, Russia that we imagined no, and maybe never was. To return to normal life, resume, companies will inevitably return to Ukraine! The Donbass is Ukraine!”, – said Lyagin.

Earlier, the special envoy of the US state Department in Ukraine Kurt Volker said that Ukrainians, speaking in Russian, suffer only in the territories under the control of the Russian Federation.

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