The former head of the Czech foreign Ministry: Future of Europe depends on Ukraine

Экс-глава МИД Чехии: Будущее Европы зависит от Украины

The decision of the European Commission to grant visa-free regime for citizens of Ukraine is only a symbolic gesture.

The future of Europe will depend on the fate of the confrontation of Ukraine and Russia. This opinion was expressed by former Minister of foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and leader of the right-wing party TOR 09 Karel Schwarzenberg, according Euromaidanpress.

During his speech at Czech television, answering a question, return Ukraine to the Russian sphere of influence, Schwarzenberg said that it is possible in the case if Europe will not help Ukraine.

“Yes, this will happen if we are not going to pay more attention to what is happening. From the situation in Ukraine will also depend on our (European) future, because then (in case of return of Ukraine into the Russian sphere of influence) the balance of power in Europe will change,” said Schwarzenberg.

“Given that the United States would gradually withdraw from Europe and turn their eyes towards the Pacific, I know who will become the leader in Europe in the twenty-first century. I think you will understand it very quickly. Not difficult to see what will happen,” he said.

According to Schwarzenberg, the European Commission’s decision to grant visa-free regime for citizens of Ukraine is only a symbolic gesture, and it’s not the best thing to do now. He emphasized that Europe is much more important to help Ukraine economically.

Commenting on the issue of sanctions against Russia, Schwarzenberg said that they should be preserved for a long period, as was the case with Iran.

He stressed that only if the sanctions will start to operate, you can start a conversation about their removal.

“Russia cannot withstand long-term sanctions. However, Moscow is firmly convinced that the European Industrialists and other stakeholders will strongly attack penalties to their complete abolition, Moscow is not going to recede”, – he added.

Earlier, the Chairman of the foreign Affairs Committee of the chamber of deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic Karel Schwarzenberg compared Russia’s annexation of Crimea with the Anschluss of Austria, who made Adolf Hitler.

The Czech Republic is able to connect to the information war with Russia