The former head of the SIC appealed the dismissal in court

Экс-глава КСУ обжаловал увольнение в суде

Shevchuk has filed a lawsuit against KSU

Former Chairman of the constitutional court of Ukraine asks court to reinstate him in office.

The former head of the constitutional court Andriy Shevchuk is required to restore it to the office and filed an application in the District administrative court of Kiev. On Tuesday, may 21, according to Ukrainian Pravda with reference to the lawyer Shevchuk Andrey Fedur.

“Filed a lawsuit to the court. Demand to recognize illegal the actions, decisions and reinstatement of judges and the post of Chairman of the court,” said Fedur.

Himself the former head of the SIC noted that the process will be held openly and publicly, and in his statement asking to restore him in all his earlier posts.

“Addressed to the District administrative court of Kyiv with the claim about a recognition of actions of the LCP regarding my dismissal is illegal, revocation of the order of dismissal the immediate restoration of my posts of judge and President of the court. The process will be as open and public. I’m always open to society and want society to be aware of this process. And assessment of the actions of the parties provided the court,” wrote Shevchuk is on Facebook.

Recall that Shevchuk was headed by the constitutional court on 21 February 2018. Judge of the CCU he was with Mar 13, 2014. May 14 judges of the CCU voted on mistrust to the head of the court, as well as for his resignation. Shevchuk considers the decision unconstitutional coup.

The new head of the CCU is assigned to Natalia Shaptala, but her powers will end in September.


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