The former MP told the details about the “people’s Tribunal”

Экс-нардеп рассказал подробности о "народном трибунале"

Former MP Volodymyr Oliynyk

“People’s Tribunal” LDNR – a form of protest permitted by the Constitution of Ukraine, said Oleynik. A meeting of the “Tribunal” is the accumulation of evidence for “the future of the judicial process.”

“People’s Tribunal” created in RESPONSE to is a form of civil protest, which is fully consistent with the Constitution of Ukraine. Such a statement on his page on Facebook was made by the former MP Vladimir Oleinik.

“We do not interfere in the process, which is called the Ukrainian people’s Tribunal. It is an initiative of citizens of Ukraine who live in the Donbas. They see it like this. If you take the situation from the point of view of the Constitution of Ukraine, we recognize that the main law of the country permits all forms of peaceful protests, gatherings, etc. That article 39 of the Constitution, which established that citizens have the right to assemble peacefully, without weapons, hold meetings, rallies, marches and demonstrations. Restriction can be set only by a court. That is, all the themes that exist in the state, citizens have the right to discuss without arms. What is actually happening. In the Donbas the event was called the Tribunal,” he said.

According to the former MP, in the “Tribunal” used “good people”.

“In reality, his work involved a good legal professional. Found people impartially expressing public opinion, for example, those same jurors. That is, the event occurs when the specific topic of the crimes committed in Ukraine, want to consider from a professional point of view. Moreover there was even a lawyer who tries to justify the actions of the defendants,” – says Oleynik.

He added that participation in the work of the “Tribunal” also “attracted people who have become participants, witnesses, victims during the war and a succession of crimes against the Ukrainian people.”

“Say, citizen of Ukraine, which tells under what circumstances he killed his child, destroyed the house, lost property. All the evidence is documented. It is this fixation of eyewitnesses of those events, which I consider it necessary to give a legal assessment. And they believe that sooner or later, such a rating will be given to public authorities and believe that those perpetrators will be brought to real responsibility. There is an accumulation of materials. It is not a legal process, in the sense characteristic of the judicial process. But no one was forbidden to hold peaceful Assembly in this form is “Ukrainian people’s Tribunal”,” – said the former MP.

In summary, Oliynyk expressed confidence that “Tribunal” will ever be a real trial.

“Will the real process, and I believe it. Will be a real verdict,” he said.

Recall, 22 February the head of the DND Alexander Zakharchenko said that in the “Republic” are going to create a “people’s Tribunal”.

March 16 in Luhansk held a press conference where you announced the creation of a “people’s Tribunal of citizens of Ukraine”.

On 20 March in Donetsk announced the meeting of the “people’s Tribunal of citizens of Ukraine”. “Defendants” called the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and other Ukrainian authorities. Call “the defendants” intended to carry out by e-mail.