The former owner of VAB Bakhmatyuk and Deputy Gontareva, Pisaruk are suspected of collusion

Экс-владелец VAB Бахматюк и зам Гонтаревой Писарук подозреваются в сговоре

NABU revealed the details of the business of VAB Bank

Bakhmatyuk and Pisaruk, according to NABU and SAP jointly implemented the scheme of misappropriation of UAH 1.2 billion stabilization loan from the NBU. It is reported that the scheme might be involved in more than 15 entities.

NABU and SAP plan to announce a suspicion the former owner of VAB Bank, Oleg Bakhmatyuk, as well as several employees of the national Bank, in abuse of the provision to the Bank the stabilization loan in 2014. This was reported by the press service of the NAB on Tuesday, November 12.

“The investigation established that the implementation of schemes for the misappropriation of UAH 1.2 billion stabilization loan from the NBU may be involved in more than 15 entities. Eight of them have already been notified of the suspicion. In respect of a number of persons, including the beneficial owner of VAB Bank, which are currently outside the country, the issue of the communication of the suspicion provided for in the CCP of Ukraine, in such cases, method”, – stated in the message.

In the NAB added that the suspect said eight people: former first Deputy Chairman of the NBU (Pisaruk – ed.); ex-Director General of banking supervision Department; former acting head of the NBU in Kiev and Kiev region (kalenskaya – ed.); ex-head of the Supervisory Board of VAB Bank; former Deputy Chairman of the management Board; three officers of private companies linked to the beneficial owners of the Bank (Bakhmatyuk – ed.).

The actions of all persons qualified for part 5. 191 of the criminal code (“Misappropriation of property through abuse of official position”).

At the same time, SAP says that Bakhmatyuk in 2014 colluded with Alexander Pisaruk, who at that time was the first Deputy head of the national Bank: a stabilization loan issued secured by property the value of which were inflated.

The highest anti-corruption court is now conducting hearings on remand in respect of a member of the NBU Council Nicholas kalens’ke, then head of the main Department of NBU in Kiev and the region, and which, according to investigators, involved Pisaruk. About it reports UKRINFORM.

The Prosecutor claims that on the night of 8 Oct 2014 Pisaruk wrote an email message to the Director of endprotoent of banking supervision Alla Shulga NBU about the need to issue a stabilization loan to the Bank “at least 1 billion… kalenskaya know…”.

Accusations kalens’ke lies in its acceptance of the valuation of the property, although there was information about it is insufficient for the loan on this amount. According to investigators, the funds of a stabilization loan were derived then from the Bank, including “dead souls”.

Prosecutor seeks to capture kalens’ke in custody for 60 days with the alternative of payment of the Deposit, UAH 20 million, as well as the seizure of passports and wear an electronic bracelet.

The defense noted that the member of the NBU Council was arrested on 11 November near his home, was raided at his home and in the apartment of his daughter. The lawyer said that earlier the district court dismissed the lawsuit with similar charges, which largely are based only on the fact of having a suspect a particular job.

The press service of NABOO made cards that explain the essence of suspicion and investigation.

Yesterday it was reported about detention in the case of VAB Bank. The detectives NAB arrested including former and current officials of the national Bank on suspicion of misappropriation of UAH 1.2 billion stabilization loan to the NBU, issued in 2014 VAB Bank, Oleg Bakhmatyuk.

In November 2014, the NBU recognized VAB Bank insolvent and introduced to the Bank a temporary administration. And in March 2015 it was decided to liquidate the Bank.

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