The former people’s Deputy-the Communist has married a Scotsman

Бывшая нардеп-коммунистка вышла замуж за шотландца

Wedding ex-the Deputy from KPU

The wedding was held in Scotland.

Former MP from the Communist party of Ukraine Oksana Kaletnik married a Scottish citizen. She announced this in Facebook, sharing photos from the wedding.

“I never thought that someday I would have to choose between their Homeland and foreign countries… three of the revolution forced me to leave home… but as they say “never say never”. I met his fate far away in Scotland on the North sea now 🙂 each of us has two countries in the heart,” she wrote.

Recall that in 2013, the public movement Chesno recognized Oksana Kaletnik became the richest woman in the Ukrainian Parliament.


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