The fourth energy company of Ukraine announced the purchase of anthracite in Russia

Четвертая энергокомпания Украины заявила о закупке антрацита в РФ

Ukrainian companies are increasing coal supply from Russia

Oil and gas company, Fuchs is planning to import coal from Russia.

Anthracite from Russia in July will import DV oil and gas company businessman Pavel Fuks, which owns CHP eskhar Kharkiv region. It is reported

The owner of a coal trader said that in July, DV plans to import to Ukraine about 20 thousand tons of anthracite for own needs of CHP.

“Coal is in the process of registration”, – he said.

Note that DV oil and gas production the company owns a mine Dolzhanskaya-capital in the occupied territory of Luhansk region.

Thus, after blockade of Donbass DV will become the fourth Ukrainian energy company, which will go to the purchase of energy products in Russia.

Previously the supply of coal from Russia was engaged in Rinat Akhmetov’s DTEK, a group of Tekhnova Anatoly Shkribliak and Donbasenergo.

Ukrainian companies may purchase anthracite in Russia only in specially allocated quotas. In 2016 eskhar CHP was supplied mainly by coal from the occupied territories.

Anthracite coal from Russia is now worth $ 70-80/ton. Thus, the expenses of the company Fuchs can make 1.4-1.6 million dollars.

In General, for 10 days in July for the Ukrainian TPPs were shipped almost 150 thousand tons of anthracite from Russia. It’s only 20 thousand tons less than last month (about 170 tons tons), according to the Railways. Of this amount, 90 thousand tons was delivered from Russia holding DTEK, about 60 thousand tons of Donbasenergo.

As reported, in January-may 2017 heat and power (CHP) and combined heat and power (CHP) Ukraine shipped 996,8 thousand tons of imported coal. Of them 777,5 thousand tons from Russia.

According to the Ministry of energy, may 1, in the warehouses of the stations was 530 thousand tons of anthracite. On July 19 – 840 thousand tons. This allowed the government not to extend emergency measures in the energy sector, introduced after the blockade of Donbass in February of this year.

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