The FSB announced the detention of Ukrainian citizen in Crimea

ФСБ сообщила о задержании украинца в Крыму

The FSB announced the detention of Ukrainian citizen in Crimea

Man adminpraise supposedly has a fake passport.

Russian border guards at the checkpoint Armyansk detained the citizen of Ukraine who tried to get to Crimea, the press service of the Crimean border guard of FSB of Russia.

“When passing the border control detained a foreign national born in 1983, who, despite the current ban, attempted to enter the territory of the Russian Federation”, — stated in the message.

As reported, the Ukrainian showed the passport of the citizen of Ukraine, but the border guards established that the document has signs of forgery.

According to the border guards, subsequently, the man admitted that the passport issued in someone else’s setting data, and he is a citizen of Ukraine born in 1986.

According to the border guards, a fake document the man got in the Kherson region for $ 100, since under your name enter the Russian Federation until 2020, he is banned due to violation of immigration laws.

In relation to men prosecuted for “illegal crossing of the state border of the Russian Federation”, the offender remanded in custody, the report said.

As reported in paragraph Armyansk FSB in November 2017 detained the Ukrainian.

And in December, the FSB announced the arrest of two Ukrainians in the Crimea.