The full video of the interrogation of “saboteurs”

Появилось полное видео допроса "диверсантов"

The Detainee Andrei Sahta

Besides Panova sabotage in the Crimea, said Andrew Sahta a Redvan Suleymanov.

FSB of Russia introduced a new video of interrogations of the Ukrainian “saboteurs” in Crimea, RBC reported. The published record appears second, in the version of RF, the suspect – Andrei Tahta and some Marlene Aliyev and Redvan Suleymanov.

Latest during interrogation said that he had planned to lay explosive devices at the airport and at the bus station of Simferopol.

So, the man, who identified himself as Redvan Suleymanov, living in Zaporozhye, said in October he was recruited as an agent of the Ukrainian intelligence. Employee of the main intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian defense Ministry, “Pavel Nikolaevich (his name Suleymanov, according to him, does not know) told him that he would collect on the territory of Crimea “military information” and pass him, he would get 3-4 thousand hryvnia per month.

Andrew Tahta the detainee told that on August 6 he called and said he needs to midnight to bring in the Rice village is not far from the Armenian and pick up “a group of people with some cargo.”

Later, he again contacted the man who gave him the job and he said that Sahta should come to the village of Suvorovo and pick up four people with a load. When Sahta arrived on the scene, he saw the shooting, after which he was detained by the FSB. The detainee said that he understands that the tasks of the Ukrainian intelligence for the transportation of saboteurs.

The third interviewed – Marlene Aliyev presented as a witness, said that the works electrical engineer at the plant for the water supply. In the afternoon of 1 August, the company where you were and Aliyev himself, according to him, a man came who introduced himself as Alexei Syndrom and offered electrical products.

He took a business trip certificate, the company name in the document, Aliyev did not notice, but saw it in Russian also see the old Ukrainian names of several companies. “I replied that I stamped and painted is not possible, because the head is not there, and print it”, – Aliyev said. In the course of the interrogation showed him a photo, asking if this person came to the company. “Yes, similar”, — Aliyev said.

As reported Корреспондент.netAugust 11, the FSB has published video of interrogation of Ukrainian Eugene Panov, which the Russian special services suspected of organizing acts of sabotage in the Crimea.

Earlier Ukraine said that the lords was abducted and brought to the case. It was also reported that with him gone, two of his fellow soldiers.

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