The Fund Igor Yankovsky and the state of Ukraine on the 70th Cannes film festival held a business lunch “Meet Ukrainian Producers!”

 Фонд Игоря Янковского и Госкино Украины на 70-м Каннском кинофестивале провели бизнес-ланч "Meet Ukrainian Producers!"

May 21, 2017, the Fund Igor Yankovsky, the NGO “Initiative for the future” and the Monegasque Association Helping Hand with the state of Ukraine for the second consecutive year at the Cannes film festival held a business lunch for film industry professionals “Meet Ukrainian Producers!”. The event aroused great interest of foreign producers, by bringing in the panoramic room of the restaurant “Le 360” at the hotel RadisSon Blu, Cannes and more than 80 representatives of local and international film industry.

With a salutatory word to participants addressed the Ambassador of Ukraine to France Oleh Shamshur, Chairman of the State Agency of Ukraine for the movie Philip Ilyenko and founder of the charity Fund “Initiative for the future” Igor Yankovskiy.

Introducing the modern development of Ukrainian cinema and changes in the legislation, the Chairman of Goskino of Ukraine Philip Ilyenko noted that the government pays more and more attention to the development of the film industry and this year has significantly increased financial support for domestic film projects from the budget. Thanks to this movie in Ukraine is on the rise. It is significant that on the anniversary of 70-m the Cannes film festival just two Ukrainian feature film was in the official competition program and the parallel competition.

“When five years ago the Foundation, which I founded, began to support the domestic film industry – to promote it abroad: we were almost the only one who is interested. Then, few could have imagined that in a few years this will develop into a powerful industry. And I am very pleased that today we see the rapid development of the national cinema. Significantly increased the number of sponsors who are willing to support our initiatives. For the first time in Cannes, he managed to unite so many domestic companies to create a joint Ukrainian stand and hold a number of events that represent our cinema on the world market”, – said Igor Yankovsky.

During a business lunch the attention of foreign producers was presented eight Ukrainian films at different stages of production and are looking for foreign partners: “Bobot” (Mental dRive Studio), “Voroshilovgrad” (LIMELITE), “Egregore” (Solar Media Entertainment), “Guard Outpost” (the company KINOROB), “Quester & Max” (Pronto Film), “cleanup” (Illienko Films LLC), a documentary Panorama (MaGika Film Company) and the film “Tera” (Association of Contemporary Ukrainian cinema).

The last two projects presented by young Ukrainian Directors Yuri Shilov and Nikon Romanchenko, who along with four colleagues on the integration of Modern Ukrainian cinema (SUK) came to Cannes with the support of the Fund Jankowski.
From the experience of the Fund Jankowski a business lunch in Cannes have shown that through this informal communication, Ukrainian Directors and producers do find partners abroad. As a result, this year in Ukraine implemented a number of interesting projects in co-production with European companies. Increasingly, there are films made in collaboration with leading producers from Italy, France, Poland, Lithuania, Germany and the like.

It should be noted that in the framework of the 70-th Cannes film festival, which takes place from 17 to 28 may, Ukraine represented by the national pavilion at the film market marché du Film with the slogan “Ukraine Is Your Destination”. The organizers of this pavilion was made by the State Agency of Ukraine for the movie, CMFC “Youth”, Ukrainian kinaesthesia, Association of Industry of Ukraine, Association of producers of Ukraine, the company Solar Media Entertainment and all-Ukrainian charitable Foundation Igor Jankowski’s “Initiative for the future”.