The future Nord stream-2 in question – Germany

Будущее Северного потока-2 под вопросом - Германия

The economic sense of Nord stream-2 can disappear in the case of the introduction of us sanctions.

Executive Director of the Eastern Committee of German economy Michael harms pointed to significant potential problems of the pipeline Nord stream-2 in case of imposing of sanctions by the US.

The Eastern Committee of German combines business that conducts business in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. According to Michael harms, technically the chances of blocking Nord stream-2 his opponents no.

He noted that Denmark has not given permission for the construction of the gas pipeline in its territorial waters, but there is an alternative route to the bypass. Therefore, he says, “this pipeline will be built anyway”, although it does not preclude problems with the operation and sale of gas.

But the gas pipeline project threaten other circumstances.

“If the Americans will impose sanctions on Nord stream-2, the Western partners will be very risky”, – predicts harms.

He recalled that the possibility to impose restrictive measures in respect of the pipeline, States have accepted last year the law.

“In this case, lost the economic sense of the project. So unfortunately, this project is still under question,” said Michael harms.

Earlier media reported that the EU’s growing number of opponents of Nord stream-2. A number of countries want to change the rules of construction of gas pipelines in the EU. Speak against only three States – Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Source: the Ukrainian service of Deutsche Welle

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