The gas reserves in the Ukraine dropped below 17 billion cubic meters

Запасы газа в Украине упали ниже 17 млрд кубов

Ukraine received more than 31 million cubic meters of gas from Europe. And the selection of UGS reached almost 44 million cubic meters.

The volume of gas in underground storages of Ukraine as of 17 November decreased to 16.9 billion cubic meters. This is evidenced by the operational data of the Ukrtransgaz Monday, November 19.

A day in the Ukrainian underground gas storage the gas was re-injected. Selected 43,87 million cubic meters of gas. Most of Dashavske storage of 12.24 million cubic meters.

It is also noted that on November 17 in Ukraine for the day came from Slovakia – 20,20 million cubic meters, from Hungary, 10, and 25 million cubic meters from Poland – 0.74 million cubic meters of gas.

In General, the Ukrainian UGS filled at 54%.

Recall, November 7, the company stopped the pumping of gas into underground storage facilities and moved into a mode of operation that involves only the selection of fuel for the needs of the heating season 2018-2019.

This year Ukraine has accumulated a record amount of gas for the last four years. The import of gas was reduced by a quarter to just over eight billion cubic meters.

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