The General staff called the price of power for the liberation of Donbass

Генштаб назвал цену силового освобождения Донбасса

The Ukrainian military in the Donbass

During the ten-day operation with the use of aircraft the army could lose up to 12 thousand soldiers.

The armed forces of Ukraine at the attempt to make the military option for the liberation of Donbass in ten days will lose up to 12 thousand people. Such figures were sounded by the chief of the General staff of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko, reports RBC-Ukraine.

According to him, we must be prepared to huge losses in case of power return of Donbass. Muzhenko said that during the ten-day operation with use of aviation, the Ukrainian army can lose 10-12 thousand soldiers, including 3 thousand people dead.

In addition, the chief of the General staff believes that in this case, civilian casualties will be even greater. According to him, the experience of conducting anti-terrorist operations shows that the 2.3 million victims of war have 10 thousand dead civilians.

While Muzhenko believes that APU has enough power for an adequate response to possible provocations by the Russian army across the Ukrainian-Russian border.

As reported Корреспондент.netsince the beginning of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine (April 2014) killed almost 3 thousand Ukrainian military, injured about 10 thousand.

The total losses in the Donbass account for nearly 35 thousand people. During the fighting on both sides of the conflict died 10 225, 541 24 – were injured. Such data are voiced in the UN.