The General staff explained the emergence of drones near the warehouse

Генштаб объяснил появление дронов возле складов

Military checked the vigilant protection of high-risk

It appeared that launches of drones took place in the framework of the planned anti-terrorist exercises.

This week the Ministry of defence drones found near the warehouses is rocket-artillery arms of military units of VSU in the Zaporozhye and Cherkasy regions. Public warehouses opened fire on the drones and detained individuals that they launched, according to the General staff in Facebook.

“Mobile groups of military units examined the surrounding area and detained the individuals who drove the drones. Immediately notified the units of the security Service of Ukraine and the National police of Ukraine in a zone of their responsibility”, – stated in the message.

However, as it turned out, the launch drone was held in the framework of the planned anti-terrorist exercises to test the reliability of protection of objects of increased danger.

“The staff on duty acted clearly and confidently, performing combat tasks in the protection and defense of these military facilities,” – said the General staff.

Recall that on 5 November, the military said it neutralized unmanned aerial vehicle in prohibited area near one of the arsenals.

And on the eve of the Ministry of defense said that he found the use of the UAV from one part of the airborne assault forces of the armed forces.


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