The geopolitical price of the Ukrainian question increases – expert

Геополитическая цена украинского вопроса повышается – эксперт

Ukraine needs to stop trying to create for Europe additional problems, the Director VISGRA.

Last week was marked by appeals to “the city and the world” the two politicians, claiming a special status in the world rankings, said the Director of the Ukrainian Institute of global strategies of development and adaptation (WESGRO) Victor Levitsky. So, in China at the 19th Congress of the CPC was made a speech of the General Secretary of the Communist party of China XI Jinping and almost simultaneously at the meeting of the International discussion club “Valdai” with a number of significant statements were made by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

Even if these developments, said Levitsky, and was not coordinated in advance, their timing and direction can be considered significant.

“It seems that the leaders of China and Russia trying to “take the box” my colleague and today the most influential politician of the world of Donald trump. This military sports, the term seems more than ever relevant, as the Russian and Chinese leaders seem to be divided between functions of deterrence of the United States in international politics,” said Levitsky.

He stressed that Putin’s statement and si are forcing the experts to think about the configuration of world politics over the coming years in the US, even voices about a “new cold war” and the need to resume the work of the United States information Agency.

Geopolitical showdown, concludes the expert, could be not so interesting for our Ukrainian realities, if one of the points of the speech, Putin’s speech was not about the Donbas and the Crimea.

“Thus, the geopolitical price of the Ukrainian question only increases and our Western partners, there are more reasons to think about ways of resolving the situation. If we believe that a strategic goal of Ukraine is joining the EU, we at least need to create for Europe additional problems” – sums up the thinking.

We will remind, Putin, speaking at a meeting of the international discussion club Valdai, said that Europe is to blame for the current situation in Ukraine because it supported an unconstitutional “seizure of power”.